INTEGRATIVE IMAGERY is a specialized way to work within guided imagery. It is dynamic, active and powerful, involving an individual and their own imagery process. This therapeutic process goes beyond guided imagery to access the innate healing potential waiting to be discovered within each of us. While being guided with a trained practioner, an individual relaxes, and then focuses within to access his/her own inner resources, strengths and wisdom to address an issue or concern. The healing powers of imagery affect all levels of a person; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Imagery bridges the conscious mind with the deeper subconscious wisdom within us. True healing happens from within.

Clinical Applications of Integrative Imagery:

Integrative/Guided Imagery is being used extensively in integrated medicine settings such as private practice, hospitals, clinics, home care and hospice to facilitate:

  • Stress management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Enhance coping skills
  • Empowering yourself
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Pain and symptom relief
  • Preparation for labor and delivery
  • Preparation for surgery & post-op pain control
  • Healing of injuries
  • Minimizing side effects
  • Dealing with chronic illness
  • Tolerating difficult procedures
  • Accessing inner wisdom and guidance
  • Accessing inner resources and insights
  • Active participation in your healing process
  • Addressing emotional expression/release
  • Exploration/understanding of self
  • Finding meaning in illness or crisis
  • Spiritual transformation
  • End of life


Doreen has been trained in Integrative Imagery through "Beyond Ordinary Nursing" for more information contact:

Blessings and Ceremonies
 Create a ceremony or blessing to enrich and empower those important events throughout our lives such as the birth/adoption of a new family member, getting married, birthdays, coming of age, blessing your home, wise-woman, mother to be or a blessingway, end of life, divorce, or healing and/or recovery. 
 Birth or Adoption: a new family member is one of the most exciting and joyous times in our lives. Creating a ceremony that welcomes your child into the loving circle of your family and friends. Create a ceremony that will mark this special time with love and joy. 
 Marriage: a transition from one stage of life to another, leaving your family to form a new family. You have met the one you love and you want to share your this joyous event with your family and friends. The ceremony should be meaningful to you, something that will take your relationship to a much deeper level and become the foundation upon which you build your future life. 
 Birthdays: a time to look at where we have been and where we are going, making these transitions meaningful and fun as you reflect on your past and visualize your future. 
 Coming of Age Ceremony: is a ceremony that will transport our youth into the status of becoming full members of society. A coming-of-age ceremony can mark this important milestone with real meaning for the person who is transitioning into adulthood and the entire family. 
 Blessing Your Home: Whether you live in apartment or are buying a new home, by putting together a blessing ceremony for this new space you will be living in, your bring in positive energy and love, making your new place of living a home full of love. 
 Wise Woman / Crone: For millennia women's wisdom was honored; crones were revered. Today women are reclaiming the identity and status of the ancient crone, the wise woman. As we age, we gain wisdom and love we can share with the younger generation, empowering them to become the best they can be. 
 Honoring the Mother To Be or Blessingway: A Blessingway honors the pregnant woman, the mother to be and then new family member within her body. It is a time to share wisdom, give blessings and best wishes for an easy, safe labor and delivery. This ceremony could become part of the baby shower or be a separate event. 
 Divorce: mark the end of your marriage and the beginning of your new life. A ceremony can help you find closure, help release the past, and embrace the future. Creating a ceremony that will help you move forward into your new life. 
 Healing/Recovery Ceremonies: Whether you are suffering from or a survivor of illness or a life-threatening disease, or you are in recovery from an addiction, sharing your recovery, joy and achievement with your family and friends can be a liberating experience. Create a ceremony that recognizes where you have been and celebrates where you are going. 
 End of Life: remember and honor your friend or family member with a ceremony that celebrates their life with reverence and respect. A ceremony to touch upon the unique life your loved one led and what they held most sacred and dear and a space for family & friends to voice their feelings, tell stories, and share memories of what is most meaningful to them.

Doreen L. Conner RN, BSN, IBCLC

Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that assists in helping to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing. Healing Touch uses touch to influence the energy field to support our natural ability to heal. It is safe for everyone at any age and works with standard medical care. The goal of Healing Touch Therapy is to restore balance and harmony, promoting self-healing. It is an Integrative Therapy that is supported by the American Holistic Nurses Association, among many other associations.

How Can Healing Touch Benefit Us?

  • Reduces Stress
  • Creates a sense of well being
  • Enhances coping skills
  • Improves mood, Energy and reduces Fatigue
  • Deepens Spiritual Connections
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Calming Depression
  • Decreases Pain
  • Care for Back Problems
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Eases Acute and Chronic Conditions
  • Preparation for Surgery and post-op Pain Control
  • Enhances Recovery from Surgery and Illness
  • Supports Cancer Care

Healing Touch Research suggests that there are many benefits and that individual experiences will vary. What Happens During a Healing Touch Session? The first session will involve a consultation that asks questions about the your physical, mental, and emotional situation. Then there will be an energy session where the client lie on a massage table fully clothed. The practitioner will place their hands either above or gently on the individual and the session usually lasts about 1 hour. Most clients say they feel very relaxed. There is a cumulative effect of using Healing Touch regularly. Stress – Prolonged stress has been shown to cause illness and Healing Touch research has shown that it can have a positive effect on reducing stress. For more information: Contact Doreen L. Conner RN, BSN

For Lactation / Breastfeeding help contact Doreen L. Conner RN, BSN, IBCLC. What is an IBCLC? An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. IBCLCs are certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, Inc. ( under the direction of the U.S. National Commission for Certifying Agencies. IBCLCs work in a wide variety of health care settings, including hospitals, pediatric offices, public health clinics, and private practice. Why a Mother Might Need an IBCLC A Board Certified Lactation Consultant is an invaluable asset to breastfeeding mothers by reassuring them when breastfeeding is going well, and by providing information and support to help her prevent and manage common concerns. IBCLCs help with: Prenatal counseling about risk factors that may affect breastfeeding Basic position and latch of the infant Information about practices that promote successful breastfeeding Preventing and managing common concerns such as poor latch, inadequate milk transfer or supply, nipple or breast pain, and calming a fussy baby Milk expression and storage for mothers who must be separated from their babies Strategies for breastfeeding after returning to work Breastfeeding in challenging situations, such as breastfeeding twins or triplets, a premature or sick infant, or infants in special medical situations Doreen L. Conner, RN, BSN, IBCLC is a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association